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Jennifer Gilbert Storms Lifetime’s Million Dollar Shoppers [Beta Test Site]

Remember Jennifer from the Real Housewives of New York City? Of course you don’t. Here’s a snippet from 2010:

Believe it or not, Gilbert wasn’t just tapped to organize a party but to be a full-fledged cast member on the third season of the show, which follows a group of women as they juggle their careers, motherhood and busy social calendars. But she says she couldn’t get any airtime.

“I don’t know there’s anything I could’ve done differently to advocate for myself without looking obnoxious,” Gilbert says. “I found in a lot of situations if you didn’t scream the loudest or say the meanest thing you weren’t heard.”

When I first saw Jennifer on Million Dollar Shoppers, I thought she came across as possibly one of the most obnoxious people I’d ever seen on reality TV. As she walked around her gray walled NYC loft apartment, I had fond memories of the time Shrill Blarin’ locked herself in this very place. If I’m remembering this correctly. It’s been a couple years, but…

… Ramona updated Jill during a party at new cast member Jennifer Gilbert’s luxurious Tribeca apartment. And Jill — never the last one to know ever! — freaked out and LOCKED HERSELF IN JENNIFER’S PANTRY! Hilarious! Crazy! Something I did in 7th grade!

Kelly went in there with her, and coaxed Jill out of the closet. Jill was furious at Ramona for not telling her about Bethenny’s dad, causing Ramona to crackily point out that Jill was the one who cut Bethenny out of her life first.

Then Alex arrived ready for action. She approached Jill like a sly jungle panther with one mission and one mission only: To take down Jill Zarin, and take her down good. That she did, hounding her for texting her that day to try and get gossip about Bethenny’s loss. Her eyes narrowed, and she barked:


Remember when Shrill Blarin’ hosted a disastrous ice skating party on #RHONYC? This skating party was organized by Jennifer.

Shrill Blarin’ coming in for a landing

Well my take on all of this is that Jennifer was all set up to be the next Real Housewife, but because she was playing it nicey nice, Bravo didn’t want to use any of her footage.  So she gets a second chance at reality TV as a guest on MDS, and she doesn’t want to make that same mistake twice. So she goes OFF THE RAILS as a total witch.  This made for some good TV no doubt. But is the price of filling your empty soul with hatred of the prescription drugged masses worth this particular deal with the devil? Probably, but only for the viewers. Let’s face it, we all love a good monster. Anna Wintour is respected by pretty much everyone. But she’s not even remotely known for her kind and warm persona.

So my conclusion is that Jennifer is probably playing to the Lifetime producers.  Though I do have to admit, the clothes this particular personal shopper were picking out were horrible choices. Jennifer probably should have kept it to herself that she only wants the finest things in life on a poverty level budget. And she could have been equally as witchy, but actually trying on nice clothes instead of name-brand thrift shopping pre-owned vintage.

Believe it or not, this isn’t even the worst footage from the show last night.

Another clip from this show, unrelated to Jennifer. But you can see why it has that certain “je ne sais krazee” I love.